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The Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development is delivering a $100 million public housing stimulus program, due to be complete by the end of June 2020.

This program is helping to support local businesses and jobs across the Northern Territory, by fast-tracking upgrades, repairs and maintenance to public housing in Darwin, Palmerston, Nhulunbuy, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs.

How can I get involved?

Register your interest today at and follow the links to the $100 million public housing stimulus program.

Who can register?

To successfully register for this program, you must be a registered business within the Northern Territory, and not be a current Northern Territory Government employee.

Once you have registered, the department may invite you to quote for works at any time during the program period. Requests for quote will be based on what works are required, your location and types of works you have nominated in your registration. If you receive a request for quote, you will be asked to quote the works and provide evidence of your business’s local content, past performance and timeframe to perform the works. The department will assess your quote and you will be notified of the outcome. A successful quote will result in a contract with the department.

The quotation process will be in line with Northern Territory Government Procurement Directions.

When do registrations close?

Businesses can register right up until when the program is complete on 30 June 2020.

I am already registered with the department through previous stimulus programs ($5million Urban Stimulus Program, $69 million Stimulus Package).  How does this affect me?

Even if you have registered under previous stimulus programs, you need to register your interest in the $100 million public housing stimulus program. You can register anytime.

Do businesses on the NT Government panel contract need to register?

No, NT Government panel contractors are not required to register for this stimulus program.

When will work start and when does it need to be completed by?

This is an 18 month program and works have already commenced. Works will continue to be released over the course of the program until it ends on 30 June 2020.

The department is currently scoping works for release to registered contractors across the Territory and will continue to do so throughout until the program ends in June 2020.

When will the industry briefing sessions be held?

The dates and locations of any industry briefings will be advertised and available at website as they become available.

Once I am registered, am I guaranteed the work?

No, registering for the stimulus does not guarantee work. The department is committed to ensure that opportunities to quote are fairly and evenly distributed across the sector.

We must also ensure appropriately skilled and qualified tradespeople carry out the works, value for money is achieved and government procurement processes are followed.

I registered for the last stimulus package and didn’t receive any work.

The intention is to provide as many contractors as possible with an opportunity to quote on works. Spreading the program over 18 months also allows this.

Is there a criteria I will have to meet in order to bid for a contract?

You must be a registered business in the Northern Territory.

Contractors should also be mindful of their capacity to complete the work within the designated timeframe when bidding.

Where is the work being offered?

The majority of the work will be available in urban centres, including Darwin, Nhulunbuy, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs.

What work is available?

There is a variety of work which will be undertaken, such as:

  • dwelling upgrades, including internal building works such as kitchen replacements, floors, bathrooms, electrical work and painting; (lighting, fencing, security, landscaping, roofing, facades, internal work)
  • upgrades and restoration of vacant dwellings
  • urgent infrastructure and housing work in town camps
  • roofing replacement and repairs
  • preventative maintenance, and
  • construction of new dwellings to increase the number of stock.

What about the construction of new homes?

Yes, there will be a construction of new homes as part of the $100 million public housing stimulus program.

Procurement for constructions will be a separate process from repairs and maintenance works, in line with government procurement processes.

Can I bid for work in another region?

Local contractors (on a regional level) will be given the opportunity to quote on works. Contractors from another region may be given an opportunity if the works cannot be carried out by local stimulus contractors.

I am a small business.  Is there work for me?

Yes, the work is diverse and a large pool of both large and small contractors will be required to deliver the work.

Will the work go to the department’s existing panel contractors?

The work will be allocated primarily to a wide range of smaller non-panel contractors.

NT Government panel contractors and larger construction companies may be used for major projects and specialised work as required.

To ensure your business does not miss out on the opportunity, we would recommend you register your business through the business register available now on

How do you choose who gets to quote?

In order to maintain fairness and transparency, registered contractors are selected to quote using a random number generating process, that takes into account the region and types of work for which contractors have registered. It also takes into account whether a contractor has already had an opportunity to quote on works.

This ensures as many contractors as possible are given an opportunity to quote. Quotes are assessed to ensure value for Territory is realised. Ensuring that all procurement is fair, transparent and adheres to the NT Government procurement guidelines is a core part of the program. You can learn more about government procurement processes by visiting

Don’t you just select the cheapest quote?

No, price is only one component of a quote that is assessed. Local content and benefit, past performance and timeframes are also assessed.

Where can I go for more information?

For more information email

Last updated: 31 January 2020

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