Town Camps Review

Town camps independent report released

An independent review into the Northern Territory’s 43 town camps has been released by the Northern Territory Government.

The review was commissioned in April 2016, with the tender awarded to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte) through an open tender process at a cost of $2.37 million in October 2016.

The report titled ‘Living on the Edge’, details the most comprehensive review to date, to be commissioned by the government, of all Northern Territory town camps.

The areas for review included:

  • legislation and governance arrangements;
  • leasing and tenure arrangements;
  • housing quality, management and ownership;
  • municipal and essential infrastructure;
  • service delivery arrangements;
  • community aspirations;
  • potential economic development opportunities.

To ensure residents were able to participate, the review also included multiple visits to each community, and extensive consultation with stakeholders and service providers to ensure a complete picture was formed.

The review is now completed. The Northern Territory Government has released the report. Information and images relating to individuals has been edited to protect their privacy.

The Northern Territory Town Camps Report is a comprehensive document which details complex issues which have been present in town camps for many years.

The Northern Territory Government supports or supports in-principle the 22 summary recommendations in the report. As an independent report, the Northern Territory Government does not support the report in its entirety, particularly comments relating to the transition of residents away from their homes for economic opportunities. It will support resident to stay in their homes and develop a sustainable future for town camps.

It is important for the community to provide feedback via the website.

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Last updated: 19 September 2018