Draft Local Government Bill consultation

The draft Local Government Bill (1000.0 kb) aims to strengthen the Local Government Act 2008 to provide clarity on local government processes and to assist councils and local authorities with their work.

The Local Government Act 2008 has provided a strong governing model for the local government sector as the sector has developed over recent years, to include the introduction of local authorities for example. However, with this growth, key stakeholders have identified areas where the legislation could be strengthened to work more effectively for the benefit of Territorians, councils and local authorities.

To provide a submission or for any questions about the draft Bill (1000.0 kb), please email LGLaw.DLGHCD@nt.gov.au or complete the online submission form. Consultation closes on 18 July 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Hugh King
Manager Legislation and Policy Projects
Local Government and Community Development Division
08 8995 5118

Information sheet (188.0 kb)

Frequently asked questions (177.3 kb)

Last updated: 03 June 2019