Stimulus benefits both contractors and tenants

The all-round benefits of the department’s $100 million public housing stimulus program were on display in Alice Springs recently.

An Aboriginal woman stands on the concrete driveway out the front of her home and smiles at the camera. Her home in the background is painted yellow and has a silver roof. She is wearing a red shirt and multi-coloured pants.

Tenant Jacqueline proudly stands in front of her home in Alice Springs following the completion of works under the $100 million public housing stimulus program.

Jacqueline is among the latest tenants to benefit from the program, having her driveway, paths and front boundary fence upgraded, as well as the outside of her home re-painted.

Nathan King Painting Services owner Nathan King said the program had mutual benefits for everyone involved.

"I have enjoyed being able to enhance the lives of tenants by painting their homes and have been uplifted by the happiness it brings upon completion,” he said.

“The department’s Alice Springs stimulus team have been helpful, accessible and friendly and I look forward to a continuing professional relationship with them and the tenants that they support."

Top End Kerbing completed upgrades to Jacqueline’s driveway and paths, while Hardy Fencing completed the front boundary fence.

The stimulus program aims to further support local businesses and jobs in the construction industry by engaging contractors to undertake works which improve public houses.

Last updated: 05 February 2020

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