Gawa Barge Landing

The Homelands, Outstations and Town Camps Unit has contributed $77,523 towards a project costing $219,922.50 to benefit a Homeland in the East Arnhem region.

Gawa Homeland sits on the eastern most tip of Elcho Island and is a well-established homeland that is permanently occupied through all seasons.

The installation of a barge landing at Gawa Homeland on Galiwin’ku was funded through the department’s Municipal and Essential Services, Special Purpose Grant allocation. Marthakal Homelands and Resource Centre Aboriginal Corporation delivered the project with in-kind contributions. The NT Christian Schools (who run Gawa Christian School) has contributed $70,000 and in-kind accommodation and food for the workers and the Homeland members also provided contributions in the form of labour, hunting and cooking.

The Gawa barge landing project was completed on the 17 February 2016, and the first barge landing occurred on the night of 26 April 2016.

This project is of great benefit for the homelands and will help promote growth and improve the cost of service delivery to Gawa and surrounding homelands.

This initiative is an excellent example of the ‘shared responsibility’ approach to developing outstations and homelands through partnership arrangements with key community stakeholders.

Gawa Barge ramp      Gawa Barge under construction

The barge landing under construction.      The Gawa barge landing upon completion.

Gawa Barge under construction