First houses handed over in Galiwin’ku

The first four of 40 ‘fast build’ houses at Galiwin’ku after the devastation of Tropical Cyclones Lam and Nathan have been completed and the keys handed over to tenants.

So far 160 moderately damaged houses have been repaired in Galiwin’ku, barge landing works were completed and construction is well underway on more new houses in the ‘fast build’ program.

More than 50 local Yolngu people from Galiwin’ku have gained employment through the rebuilding project in an effort to maximise jobs and training opportunities.

The remaining 36 houses are to be steadily handed over to residents in the coming months.

A community event, led by the East Arnhem Regional Council with the support of the Northern Territory Government, was held on Saturday 20 February to celebrate the community’s resilience and participation in the rebuilding effort.