AIS interpreters receive NTPFES recognition for their emergency messaging interpreting services

When Cyclone Claudia affected the Territory in early January, the Aboriginal Interpreter Service assisted NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) with interpreting critical emergency messaging in language to the North and West Arnhem communities at risk.

Two AIS interpreters standing side by side – one wearing a black AIS polo shirt and the other wearing a maroon AIS polo shirt.

AIS interpreters Miriam and Nadyezhda receive their NTPFES letters of recognition.

Despite having little time to prepare, three AIS interpreters Nadyezhda Pozzana, Miriam Ngalmirinmirin and Thecla Hartree were quickly able to assist with NTPFES emergency messaging.

Thanks to their efforts, Nadyezhda, Miriam and Thecla were commended for their work with individual letters from NTPFES Assistant Commissioner Michael Hebb (Regional Controller).

Each letter read ‘this is the first time the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency services have incorporated live community focused messaging into our press conferences.

It brought positive attention and praise in the wider community and set a precedence of diversity and inclusion for future emergencies.

The professionalism demonstrated by you and your team is a credit to yourself, the Aboriginal Interpreter Service and is worthy of recognition.’

For the three interpreters who love what they do, the letters were an extra confidence boost and confirmation of their work ethic and interpreting skills.

“I feel really proud, it reminds us of what we already know - that the work we do is really important for our community especially during emergency events like these,” Nadyezhda said.

For the North and West Arnhem communities, the languages used included Yolngu Matha (Djambarrpuyngu), Kunwinjku and Kriol.

In line with interpreting live press conferences, pre-recorded emergency messaging in language was also broadcasted on radio– a collaborative project by AIS and NTPFES launched in 2018.

Find out more about emergency messaging through SecureNT.

Last updated: 24 February 2020

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