ITSNT introduces audio recordings


The Interpreting and Translating Service NT (ITSNT) is proud to introduce a new audio recording capability to its service.

Building on a service already provided by the Aboriginal Interpreter Service (AIS), program coordinator Dallas Collinson said the recording service had been a success since its introduction earlier this year.

“So far we’ve undertaken several different projects and had some great results so we are hoping to expand the service,” she said.

In its most recent project, ITSNT has been supporting the City of Palmerston’s citizenship ceremony.

The new service involves recording and broadcasting the names of new citizens during the council’s citizenship ceremonies.

Dallas said around 60 names across 14 languages had been recorded so far.

“The audio recordings service has played an important role in the City of Palmerston’s citizenship ceremony to ensure new citizens’ names are pronounced with the correct inflection,” she said.

“We’ve done audio recordings in Greek, Swahili, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Mandarin, Tagalog and many others.

“We’ve had some great feedback about the service, the new citizens really appreciate our efforts.”

For more information contact ITSNT on (08) 8999 8506 or email

ITSNT Assistant Language Services Officer Dallas Collinson sits in the studio where the audio recordings are conducted.
ITSNT Assistant Language Services Officer Dallas Collinson has been coordinating the audio recording program.

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