Areyonga scores in the Room to Breathe Program


The Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes. remote housing investment program is seeing great results in the Areyonga community.

Renovations are now completed on two more houses in the community, as part of the Room to Breathe program.

The tenants signed up and moved into the homes at the start of February.

Selina Kunia was the first tenant to move back into her now much larger home with the assistance of tenancy contract officer Bree Pettit.

Ms Kunia said she was excited to move into a completely different structure with more than enough room.

"My family came to have a look at the new house, they all like it and I am happy with it too.

We will have enough room to relax and spend some nights in the enclosed veranda," she said.

A second home in the Areyonga community was also given a facelift at the same time. It originally had three bedrooms. Now a fourth bedroom has been added, as well as a sleep out on the end of the veranda, and an access bathroom to cater to the needs of the tenant.

Tangentyere Constructions Assistant Manager, Bradley Parsons said the structures were refurbished with a lot of expertise.

“The additions do not look like they are new, it’s like they were part of the original building,” he said.

Mr Parsons said the ability to provide work for local people is an important feature of the program.

“We had 14 local Aboriginal employees from the start to the end of the project, which is fantastic.

“We always make sure we engage local people when doing work in the communities,” he said.

Eight houses have now been completed in Areyonga under the Room to Breathe program, which is one part of the $1.1billion remote housing investment package Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes.

Image of a house after renovations
Tangentyere Constructions Assistant Manager Bradley Parsons shows off a newly installed access bathroom in one of the two upgraded homes.
Selina Kunia signs her papers with tenancy contract officer Bree Pettit.
Selina Kunia signs her papers with tenancy contract officer Bree Pettit.

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