A home for all Territorians


A home for all Territorians – Northern Territory Housing Strategy 2020-2025 has been officially released today.

The vision of the strategy is a home for all Territorians - housing that enables social and economic wellbeing and strong communities. The strategy sets out an overarching framework, guiding principles and actions that will promote increased access to social and affordable housing, private rental and home ownership across urban, regional and remote communities.

There are four strategic objectives:

  • create a housing and homelessness system that is contemporary, flexible and accessible
  • improve the long term sustainability of the housing system in the Northern Territory
  • provide appropriate housing aligned to the needs and aspirations of households and communities
  • strengthen access for Territorians to a range of housing options, including social and affordable housing, private rental and home ownership.

The strategy has been developed in consultation with key housing stakeholders.

It builds on existing programs and will leverage new ideas and partnerships to create improved outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

The Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development will deliver the strategy over the next five years in close partnership with other NT Government agencies, communities, non-government sector and local business organisations.

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