Social housing head lease construction starts

Construction has started on the first building, under the social housing head leasing initiative.

The initiative aims to increase the number of public housing options available to low income Territorians and their families, as well as homes suitable for seniors and people living with a disability.

Apex Construction has started work on a three bedroom triplex at Johnston.

Manager Michael Sisois praised the initiative, which gives security to developers by offering a guarantee of a long-term lease with the department.

“I heard about it from a business partner of mine, he told me about it and told me to apply for it.

“It seemed like a good idea to have everything leased and for such a good amount of time – easier for financial reasons, it’s a good initiative,” he said.

Michael said the triplex design complemented the block.

“It’s a big block to start off with. It was worth it to do three, instead of two.

It’s a nice area - schools, hospitals, all close,” Michael said.

The construction is expected to be completed by the end of the year, weather dependent.

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Michael with workers in the background
Michael Sisois is pleased to see construction starting at his Johnston property, which will be leased to the department through the social housing head leasing initiative.