Pitcheneder mural decided

A competition to find a mural design for our Pitcheneder public housing complex in Parap has come to a close, after a successful social media campaign.

Following a successful social media campaign, we are pleased to announce Polly Johnstone’s entry depicting a woman in tropical foliage will be featured.

Artists were asked to put forward a submission which embodied the spirit of the Northern Territory.

In her submission, Polly said she took into consideration the location of the complex.

“When I think about Parap, I think of the markets and the beautiful food and flowers that you can buy there, and the people that you find in the Northern Territory,” she said.

Polly’s artwork received 569 likes.

This was ahead of Jason Lee’s representation of multiculturalism and unity in the Northern Territory, which received 301 likes, and Carla Russo’s colourful jabiru with 274 likes.

The winner was the post with the most likes.

Work is expected to begin on the mural next month.

Street art finalist 2