Pitcheneder mural complete

Work is now complete on the mural at the Pitcheneder Complex in Parap, as voted by the public in a social media competition held by the department.

Artist Polly Johnstone spent three days completing the work, depicting a woman surrounded by tropical foliage.

Her concept attracted 569 votes on the department’s Facebook page, in little more than three days.

“Often as an artist, you’re away in your studio, working by yourself, so when your work gets put out there to the public, it’s really nice to get that feedback, and that’s why I love working on murals like this because you get that public interaction,” Polly said.

“When you’re faced with a big blank wall, it’s a bit scary but once you get started, it’s not too bad, I get into it and I really enjoy it,” she said.

Polly drew her inspiration for the design, from the Parap markets.

“Every Saturday, my husband and my kids would come to Parap and get a laksa, and we often buy some of the beautiful tropical flowers, so I thought instantly of the flowers to add a bit of colour,” she said.

Between the three finalists, the competition reached 22,500 people via social media.

The work has been completed as part of the $69 million stimulus program, to upgrade public housing dwellings and complexes across the Northern Territory.

pitchender mural - finished