Epenarra expansions on the way under Room to Breathe


As of 31 October 2018, 121 homes have been improved in 22 communities across the Northern Territory as part of the Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes, Room to Breathe Program.

The people of Epenarra are excited to be part of the planning for the Room to Breathe Program which will be starting in their community soon.

The Room to Breathe team sat down with the Housing Reference Group (HRG) recently, to see what the needs were in the community. Local Decision Making is an important part of the program to ensure community members have a say in the proposed modifications to their homes.

The HRG identified and prioritised 17 overcrowded houses for potential works. The HRG also assisted with identifying appropriate options for transitional housing which could be used during construction.

People having a meeting
Room to Breathe team member Stuart Munnich discovers the needs of the Epenarra community through the HRG members.

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