Electrical upgrades for town camp homes

Homes in the Alice Springs town camps are receiving electrical upgrades, as part of the $69 million stimulus program.

The stimulus aimed to create an immediate boost in the construction industry, by expediting much needed repairs, maintenance and upgrades to public housing.

To date, work orders have been raised for 216 dwellings in town camps, as part of an electrical audit.

The work being carried out includes the replacement of lights, fans, stoves, smoke alarms and electrical circuits being fitted with residual current devices.

Tenant, Evelyn Daniels resides in the Hidden Valley town camp, after being allocated a home by the department, which worked with the Housing Reference Group.

“I’m very happy to be living here with my mum,” she said.

Her home is one of 35 in the town camp to receive electrical upgrades as part of the program.

Hidden Valley town camp
Evelyn Daniels home is receiving electrical upgrades.