Better Pathways Centre and Short Stay Accommodation Initiatives

The Department of Housing and Community Development will play an important role in delivering Government’s $8.9 million five point plan to tackle anti-social behaviour, announced in October.

This role will include delivery of programs to get people back on track, which includes establishing Better Pathways Centres and Short Stay Accommodation facilities in Darwin City, Northern Suburbs and Palmerston.

Both initiatives will target vulnerable people who are homeless and sleeping rough, including short-term visitors from remote communities without secure housing.

The department is currently working with service providers to develop this model, with details to be announced in the new year.

A commitment to these initiatives is supported by a recent review of homelessness and accommodation for rough sleepers in Darwin, Palmerston and Katherine.  The review found a suite of support options would better meet the broad range of rough sleeper needs and will enable a client-centred approach.

A final report on the review, titled Homelessness and Accommodation Responses to Rough Sleepers is now available.

The review, undertaken by KMPG, confirmed a significant shortfall in the number of beds per night across Darwin and surrounding areas.  The proposed Short Stay Accommodation facilities will go some way to addressing this concern by increasing the availability of affordable accommodation options for people who are homeless and sleeping rough.

Additionally, key findings from the review show there is broad support for service responses that provide access to hygiene and laundry services, storage facilities and support services for rough sleepers.  The proposed Better Pathways Centres will aim to address this gap and improve access for those sleeping rough or experiencing homelessness to a wide range of community services.

A homeless guy