‘Because of her. We Can!’ – Imelda Walker

Imelda Walker born Edna Walker, passed away in 2010. She never knew her birth date or place.

Department of Housing and Community Development Property Contract Officer, Tim Watkins, describes his mother as a poet and an amazing pianist.

“She had a dream of being a concert pianist but life took her on another journey,” he said.

Growing up on Nutwood Downs Station, 520 kilometres southeast of Darwin, Tim recalls his mother talking about nights filled with sleeping on the veranda floor.

“One morning my mother woke up and was no longer at the station but a place referred to as the ‘convent’,” Tim said.

Imelda spent her childhood years at Garden Point - a Catholic Mission on Melville Island.

Imelda went on to have nine children and always yearned to know her birth family. In 2001, with the support of her children and grandchildren, Imelda travelled to Duck Creek – Jilkminggan Community, Hodgson Downs Community and Elliott Community where she reconnected with some family members.

Tim recalls his mother saying meeting her family was “like taking her first breath.”

“Our mother gave us everything - her strength, resilience, guidance and her wonderful sense of humour that we now see in our children. Because of her, we can,” Tim said.

Attached poem ‘My Story’ was written by Imelda Walker. Thank you to the Walker and Watkins family for allowing us to publish this piece and photo.

imelda's family
Imelda (second from right) with her niece, sister and brother from one of their first family reunions.