$69 million works continuing

The Department of Housing and Community Development $69 million stimulus program is continuing to put smiles on the faces of many public housing tenants.

Alice Springs tenant Elizabeth Trowel is overwhelmed to be in her new home.

“I’m really happy here. Really, really happy,” Elizabeth said.

Through this program, Elizabeth’s new home got a fresh coat of paint, new fans and new lights.

“There is lots of storage. It’s a lot cleaner and nicer… it’s fresh,” she said.

The $69 million stimulus program has fast tracked repairs, maintenance and upgrades across Territory public housing, providing work for a wide range of contractors and supporting local businesses.

Moving into a new home, with new neighbours and surroundings can be a little daunting, however, Elizabeth said the department contractors took care with her items, making her move easy.

“They were excellent. They really did a good job. They put everything neatly,” she said.

A number of public housing complexes in Alice Springs are currently receiving upgrades under the stimulus program.

Elizabeth in her new home
Elizabeth Trowel is very happy in her new home