Yirrkala Local Authority meetings go paper-free with new iPads

The Yirrkala Local Authority held its first meeting this month using iPad technology. Inspired by the region’s council members using iPads at their meetings, Yirrkala Local Authority elected to use funds provided by our Local Government area under the Local Authority Project Funding to purchase iPads for its members to use at local authority (LA) meetings.

It means significantly less paper with members able to access the meeting agenda, associated papers, reports and other information directly from the East Arnhem Regional Council website.

LA members will also gain valuable skills using the iPad technology. Several other East Arnhem LAs are also using LA Project Funding to purchase iPads to assist their members with meetings.

According to Arnhem region Community Development Officer, Sharon Norris, LA members agreed it was better to save paper by using the iPads at meetings.

“Members agreed that it was better to use the iPads although they found it a bit challenging to use the devices at first,” she said.East Arnhem Regional Council has encouraged LA members to visit the local council office to practice using the devices between meetings. It will be great to see their progress at the next meeting.

Deputy Chair of Yirrkala LA Djuwalpi Marika
Deputy Chair of Yirrkala LA Djuwalpi Marika, uses a new iPad at the meeting.