Taking pride in her place

Elaine Quinn and her grandchildren live at Hoppy’s Camp located on the outskirts of Alice Springs and she takes great pride in her garden and keeping her yard tidy.

Elaine’s home is an expression of her personality with its front veranda trimmed by a multitude of hanging potted plants displaying bursts of colour, and stone animal statues perched on the edge of the brickwork.

If you peek around any corner of Elaine’s house you will notice an array of garden tools, the lawn mower and hose at the ready for her next project “I’m going to start on the backyard next” Elaine said “and plant some trees for shade and set up a barbeque area”.

Elaine grew up in Alice Springs and moved into her current property in November last year. She believes that keeping her yard tidy is important “for health and safety”.

When she is not pottering around her little piece of paradise Elaine likes to visit Garden Bore outstation near Yuelamu, a 290 kilometre drive from Alice Springs, to visit extended family.

Taking pride in her place
Elaine in front of her house.