New homes for Arlparra

Three new homes have been handed over to senior residents of Arlparra and twelve more are on the way as part of a $25.3 million NT Government investment in the region.

Senior Project Officer Rose Gust, Regional Director Central Australia Antony Yoffa and Director Land Tenure Leanne Evans, along with Graham Gust from the Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics, consulted with the community using models of the houses to show residents what to expect. This created excitement and anticipation amongst the community.

Lena Pwerl, ‘Cowboy’ Loy and Harold Nelson are residents of Arlparra had been living in makeshift shelters without power, water or sewerage and are very happy to be moving into their new homes.

Rose is a project officer who has established great relationships with the residents and said “our work is not over, exciting times are ahead”. 

Local community members will be trained during construction of one of the remaining twelve houses. They will receive mentoring and gain on-site experience which will ensure they are well placed to be engaged in future work including ongoing repairs and maintenance, taking their skills beyond the completion of this project to employment opportunities in the Utopia region. 

The team are committed to ongoing community engagement to ensure local decision-making about subdivision design, housing configuration and allocation of completed houses.

New homes for Arlparra
Arlparra resident ‘Cowboy’ stands in the doorway of his new home.