A historic occasion for Binjari

Binjari Community Aboriginal Corporation has signed a historic 99-year lease with the Commonwealth Government over public housing in the community living area of Binjari, putting in place secure and long-term tenure arrangements over public housing.

This is the first 99-year housing lease over all public housing lots in a community in the Northern Territory and the first in a community living area.

Land Tenure Director from the Department of Housing and Community Development, Leanne Evans played a key role in negotiating the terms and conditions of the sub-lease to the Executive Director of Township Leasing which expires on 30 June 2018. “Negations are hard fought to limit any financial and operational liabilities on the NT government” she said. “The lease demonstrates the department’s commitment to working with the residents of Binjari to deliver better housing outcomes”.

Signing the lease means 11 new houses will be built in Binjari and 16 existing houses will receive upgrade work. Residents will also be able to access repairs and maintenance and tenancy management reform can now be considered.

The lease provides a mix of housing options in Binjari and the option for residents to buy their own home in the future.

A historic occasion for Binjari
Binjari Community Aboriginal Corporation Chair May Barron with Executive Director of Township and Leasing Greg Roche and Leanne Evans signing the lease.