Local Authorities strengthen local communities


The department recently completed the 2015-16 Local Authority Snapshot Survey which reports on the performance of the 63 local authorities throughout the NT.

Survey results indicate that Local Authorities are continuing to deliver a stronger local voice and greater accountability for service delivery by providing recommendations on a range of issues including planning, budgeting, local employment and service delivery monitoring within their communities.

Our department staff provides regional councils with support to meet required numbers and guide the coordination and capacity building of Local Authorities. Their contribution is greatly appreciated and has helped achieve excellent survey results.

One of the survey’s key deliverables is that department staff attend 80 per cent of Local Authority meetings. It is pleasing that this snapshot shows the department attended 92% of the 400 Local Authority meetings – an average of one meeting per day for the year!

Of the 400 Local Authority meetings scheduled during 2015–16, 288 (72%) successfully reached a required number of attendees.

Santa Taresa playground
Santa Teresa playgound

360 (91%) of projects undertaken with the annual funding of $5.1 million for Local Authority Priority Projects have either been completed or are in progress. An example of a Local Authority project is new playground equipment installed in Santa Teresa by MacDonnell Regional Council (pictured below).The projects identified by local authorities are based on consultation with the community and generally contribute to improved community infrastructure.

The department looks forward to the continued strengthening of Local Authorities. We are planning to consult with remote communities to further strengthen capacity building and local decision making.

Santa Teresa playgound
Santa Teresa playgound

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