Asbestos inspections of urban public housing properties

The Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development is conducting inspections of public housing properties built before 1983 for asbestos-containing material. These inspections will allow the department to update our asbestos information.

In 2004, the department worked to raise awareness about asbestos, involving television, newspaper and website advertising as well as a fact sheet for tenants.

In 2010, the department undertook more work to help tenants be asbestos aware. Both of these projects were run in conjunction with NT Work Safe.

Houses built before 1983 may have asbestos-containing material. Inspection and testing may be required to determine if there is asbestos.

Inspections will be conducted by independent licenced assessors on identified properties.

A licenced asbestos inspector will assess the condition of the asbestos and organise its safe removal if necessary. If asbestos-containing material is identified but is undamaged and in good condition it may not need to be removed. The department will repair or replace material that has to be removed at its expense.

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Last updated: 21 April 2017

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