Applications under the Information Act

As allowed under the Information Act 2008, the department received 145 new information requests in 2018-19, an increase of 8.2% from 2017-18.

Most requests were for personal information relating to tenancies, with most of these being from legal advocates and other organisations assisting clients to access their personal information.

Applications received for access to information.
Applications under the Information Act 20022018-192017-18
Accepted applications outstanding at start of Year00
Applications received to correct personal information00
Applications received to access personal information143128
Applications received to access government information25
Applications received to access personal and government information01
Total – Received to 30 June 2019145134
Applications outcomes for access to information.
Application outcomes2018-192017-18
Accepted applications withdrawn13
Applications transferred00
Unaccepted applications – pending acceptance00
Applications completed144131
Open applications00
Total – Outcomes to 30 June 2019145134

Last updated: 19 June 2020

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